Some may disagree about the best tennis player in the history of the sport but everyone agrees about the most loved in the world.

During the last 1.5 year Roger Federer has managed to extend his legend by winning 3 more Grand Slam, causing it to reach 20, four more than those of Rafael Nadal. Meanwhile, back at the top of the world rankings after winning the Rotterdam tournament, made him the oldest tennis elbow (36 years old) to see colleagues from the larger step of qualifying score of ATP.

The fact, indeed, that did all this after a serious injury that caused him to be off court for six months make still greater achievements. For this reason, from the beginning of 2017 until today are growing more and more those who rank in their minds as the top tennis player of all time, as the Swiss breaks one record after another. However, even under the existing circumstances there are some fans of Nadal who see in person of their favorite athlete the most successful player in the history of the sport. Moreover, the serious lead Spain against the Swiss in his personal duels with 23-15 is a not insignificant argument for the 31 years old tennis player.

In this article, however, will not deal further with the controversial issue concerning the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) of tennis but will attempt to justify a different classification that has been attributed to Roger Federer. The most beloved coach in the world. This is in addition to an objective assessment for many years as the ATP has arranged so that each year to enable the public to vote your favorite player. Since, well, the “conductor” has received particular distinction for 15 consecutive years from 2003 until 2017 would be misguided to argue someone for a contrary opinion.  The assessment takes Federer, moreover, across the length and breadth of the world, confirmed in every match, where ever the majority of RADIUS advocates even when on opposite sidelines struggling one indigenous tennis player.

But what is it that makes the ‘ King ‘ of tennis so adorable where found and where you stand? In my view, we can stand in 3 key points. Some of these have other athletes but nobody else holds them in their entirety.

Initially, a great role plays the love of the sport. Roger Federer has demonstrated through his career he loves much more to gain from that hates to lose. Unlike Nadal and Djokovic, who despise the defeat, the Swiss Athlete loves to struggling offensively, with its own terms, even if this means that you can make mistakes and be driven effortlessly in defeat. Leaving aside the expediency does not wait for the opponent to make a mistake but he is trying to win the point, which is indeed the essence of the sport. For this reason more amused when he struggles, consistently amused and more common, which always prefers the tennis players with offensive philosophy.

At the same time, his love for the sport is demonstrated by the fact that never ceases to set goals even if it has achieved everything in the sport. More great example of everything he has accomplished over the last 14 months ago does not exist. Federer has not caved in after severe injury in mid-2016 but managed to find the necessary incentives to inspire himself to continue the hard work and add valuable stone in posterity. Moreover, any title conquers at this age and any record breaks are a bonus in a career that is considered quite successful. Watch out, should not be underestimated this love of the Swiss for the sport. Examples of “empty” psychologically Novak Djokovic, and Andy Marrey after the conquests of Garros 2016 ‘s Ballet of the Serbian and #1 of the same year by the Scotsman confirm that only given should not be considered in this Treaty. Therefore, the friends of tennis by acknowledging the cult of Swiss sport the award by expressing their own love.

The second element that makes him the most esteemed tennis player on the planet is the way it manages the media. The Swiss tennis player we ever lurks behind the finger, is willing to answer any question journalist. Not a few times, in fact, that the press conferences after each match is more interesting than the fight itself. A typical example is the brief interviews that 36 year old gives 20 Major holder in Jim Courier after every victory in Melbourne. In every interview goes out and an interesting news, Roger Federer is not exhausted in cliche answers but chooses to say what he believes. The fact that she is fluent in English, French and German make him even more popular in crowds.

The ability to aytosarkazetai but also admits with modesty the grandeur combined with the particular sense of humor that has, have off his public image. In essence, it is the biggest sports star at the moment, giving daily tutorials public behaviour. Familiar, after all, so much with the microphones after each speech wonder if the grounds are better even than his game.

Like this leads effortlessly in third aspect that characterizes the Federer and has contributed to high levels of popularity. It is the utter lack of compunction as regards the expression of emotions. Dismembered has not hesitated to let the tears roll in ceremony of major trophies in his career, highlighting the earthy side of in the world watching him. Whether it be for tears or for tears of emotion, the Swiss is not afraid to expose the lens and leave the image of “curled”. This sensitive aspect of his character facilitates the identification in the world together, as recognized by the human side of an extraterrestrial player.

Therefore, Roger Federer is an open book that can be read with ease by everyone. With these ways mentioned above has managed to build this broad mass of supporters in every part of the globe, consistently fills each Stadium in which he competes. For him, after all, this support is one of the key reasons why he continues until today to make his hobby a profession. The other two reasons are his wife, who has support in every decision, and keeping it at the top level that allows him to strengthens the myth of day by day.