Thank you Messi for everything!

Messi reached 100 goals in the Champions League, topped the statistics of Ronaldo and doesn’t stop to enchants us.

Is it cliche to say that we should be lucky that we live in an age of Lionel Messi? Or do you think that exaggerate Barça fans with banners erected and wrote: «God bless King Messi».

The answer is clearly no on both questions. As many times and to tell the truth does not change. We are fortunate that we can enjoy the Argentinean paichtara and pat ourselves to make magic with the ball, breaking a record and fantastically giving us a football extravaganza.

On Wednesday night (14/3) Messi gave another show, against a «cursed» for him. Against Chelsea had ever scored. Originally at Stamford Bridge has encountered the curse and gave his team the yperpolytimo on away goals.

At the Camp Nou we watched one performance with absolute protagonist the leader of the «Blaugrana». Two goals and one assist were the results a very separate evening, in which Messi broke a series of records.

Initially continued the tradition that wants him to score after each child birth, achieved the fastest finish staff in Champions League and most importantly that reached 100 goals on the institution.

It all started for him on November 2, 2005, when the then 18-year-old Argentine scored against Panathinaikos in Barca’s win with 5-0 since … speedometer continues to write endlessly.


The English teams are the favourite prey of Lionel Messi, having sent the ball into the net his opponents 20 times. After the British, followed by the Germans with 16 goals and then the Italians with 12.

But which teams have accepted the more goals than him?

At the top of the list is the Arsenal, you could say that is the best European … customer. The «Gooners» have been 9 goals from Messi, one less than it has collected from the nets of AC Milan and Celtic.

Details of the top-5:

Arsenal – 9 goals
AC Milan – 8 goals
Celtic – 8 goals
Leverkusen – 7 goals
Ajax – 6 goals


Out of a total of 100 goals of the 81 have been achieved with the left foot, 15 with the right and 4 head.

The superstar of Barça, counts 7 hat trick, while once has made 5 goals (against Everton).


What was the most productive season of?

The year that FC Barcelona arrived from the final, 2011/12, but eventually was blocked by Chelsea in a dramatic match at Camp Nou and eventually lifted the trophy with the ‘ big ears ‘.

The goals you have scored all season:

17/18:8 (still «writting»)


The Portuguese ACE Real Madrid has scored more goals in the Champions League career, measuring 117. Even the finish against Psg at the Parc des Princes stadium was the 100 of the Jersey of «Merenches».

However, Messi has overcome the Ronaldo in some stats.

The leader of the «Basilisas» had 137 matches to achieve the specific number of goals (100), while the Argentine 123 games, namely 14 matches fewer.

Or else, we can say that the ACE of Barca reached the 100 so 1758 racing minutes faster. Even the managed having 266 fewer shots.