A legend of football worldwide that he put on the map of the football scene in America, on the screens of Debut.gr

He is the man who has presented us the US, as a country with soccer. Before Beckham and others who later went to America for the last stamps, Donovan was on all that exists and footballing lives there.

How he started

For many unknown, but Donovan started football thanks to his mother, who sent him to an event in which the seven year old then Donovan scored seven goals in four games. He continued the same impressive and Bayer 04 Leverkusen offered him a six-year contract on 11. However it has never been able to adapt to life in Germany and played mainly with the national youth of the country, where outside of the torment that was going through. For this reason, in 2001, just two years after signing the contract with the “aspirins”, goes as loan to San Jose, which leads to two Championships, in 2001 and 2003, being the most recognized podosfairofatsa of the country.

In four years, puts 42 goals and handing out 35 assists, being the leader of the group. In 2003 he led San Jose to the conquest of the Cup scoring two goals in the victory with 4-2 on the Chicago Fair, while named as the sportsman of the year for the second season. The next year he became the first man called with the specific title for three consecutive seasons. Returns to Germany and Bayer Leverkusen, but after seven games racing games (just the two as Basic), indicates that he wants to return to America.


Despite the proposal of Portsmouth, Donovan insists in his decision which respected by Leverkusen. However, San Jose can’t buy him, leading Los Angeles Galaxy, the city’s birthplace team, to give the best player, Carlos Ruiz, to acquire him, a week before the start of the Championship.

In his first season leading the Galaxy to win the Championship, scoring 16 goals and providing 11 assists, entering in the best lineup in the League.

The second year however did not go so well for his team.Donovan scores 12 goals, gives eight assists, but the team does not go to the final of the Championship playoff, while despite his three goals in the Cup, Galaxy is excluded from the Chicago Fair. However, with his goals in the playoffs becomes the second goalscorer in their history, with 14 goals, one behind Ruiz.

From leader-teammate with Beckham

The advent of Beckham turns him into a second role in the group, while he is forced to give the armband to the Englishman. With his goal, becomes seventh goal scorer in League history. Donovan becomes again a captain when Beckham going to Milan as a loan and the American breaks out in a sports magazine, featuring the Englishman, evil leader and teammate.

The second departure of Beckham for borrowing, make Donovan even better, since it leads Galaxy in the Championship final, which they lost on penalties, is named as the best player of the Championship, while conquers and the prize of best goal . All this leads the Administration to renew the contract with him for another four years, with unique term Donovan can’t be given on loan when there are no League matches for long.

In August of 2010 scored the the 100 league goals, while a month later becomes the leading scorer in team history. Leading the Galaxy to two consecutive championships in 2010 and 2011 and a Cup in the same year, coming out and best player.

In 2012 conquers the Cup again, while returns the 2013 from the books and announces that it is ready to take the armband from Robbie Keane, who transcribed in his absence. Summer succeeded the unique finish of reckoning the best players of the Championship against Bayern Munich. On 7 September he announced that at the end of the season will withdraw from active duty.

On loan

In November 2008 he began training with Bayern Munich, in which they agreed to remain for one season. He played in five friendlies scoring four goals, played in five League matches and won with the DFB-Pokal. At the end of the season, the Bavarians have made proposal for renewal of the lending, which however was not accepted.

In January of 2010 goes on loan to Everton, in which struggling 13 times scoring two goals. Indeed emerges as player of the month in January by a group of friends. Everton tried to renew the loan, but the Los Angeles Galaxy refused as the player was valuable in winning the Championship.

His return to Everton was in December 2012 for two months as a loan again. The Donovan excited everyone giving seven assists in nine games.

I quit, no I continue

Donovan didn’t know what he wanted and to stop the football was/is difficult. Announced his return to action in 2016 in Los Angeles, because (as he said) to the many injuries that ravaged the team.

Competed in nine games scoring a goal and announced for the second time at the end of his career.

Slowly not sat yet. On 12 January, 2018, signs with Club León, Mexico and even Group on 10 February debuted at 35. Will look if it is the last of the team or not as sure nor myself can now swear something.

National team

The beginning was in the under-17 World Cup, when he was most valuable player of the tournament, while holds the record with this group, having 35 goals in 42 matches. His debut in the World Cup was in 2002, when he began a key to the victory of the U.S. against Portugal. In the next match of the group stage, Donovan scored his first goal, but the u.s.a were defeated by 3-1 from Poland. Indeed he put another one with which his country spent the next phase, where blocked eventually from Germany, with Donovan to be named best young player of the tournament.

He also participated in the next World Cup in 2006, but his country coming apart from the group stage. The next year, however, leads us to winning the Gold Cup against in Mexico. A year later, he became top scorer of all time and the first in assists, while reached 100 innings, being the fourth less than catching the specific number worldwide.

Becomes leader in 2009 for the Confederations Cap, in which he leads the nation in the final in which he was defeated by Brazil. Participated in the World of 2010, playing in all four games with his country, scoring one goal.

In 2013 he becomes the first to reach 50 goals and 50 assists in national groups, however it remains outside national for the World next year, Jürgen Klinsmann’s decision raises storm of reactions. Leaving the national team after a friendly game on 10 October, with 156 entries, 57 goals and 59 assists!